ORTAM is the brainchild of Charlie Beliliti and his son Oran Belilti.  Oran was a young tennis star that competed on the professional circuit for a few years.  Once he retired from professional tennis, Oran immigrated to Los Angeles to pursue his passion of building custom homes that stand apart from the suburban trends that guide home buyers in high value locations. 

 Charlie, is the anchor of the team.  He comes from generations of builders.  Charlie brings his wealth of experience in the construction industry to complement Oran’s vision.  All the construction is directly supervised by Charlie to make certain that the integrity and quality is never compromised.  Together with Oran, their clientele are guaranteed to move into a home that exceeds their expectations at every level. 

 ORTAM is a boutique client centric organization where building in quality into the design, engineering and construction is our primary goal.  You will find that our homes will meet your esthetic needs while weaving in all the creature comforts that only years of experience can deliver.